Unfinished Pink Room

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Inspo: Ugly Americans

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Magazine Layout #5

Page Layouts that I can influence my work on:



I don’t think this counts as a page layout, but I still love it. I like the concept of a perspective from the street looking up at skyscrapers. I think I can use this in my own layout because its relevant to my theme. I remember first moving to Mtl, having lived in the suburbs my whole life, and looking up and feeling invigorated by the tall buildings. They were symbol of opportunity, as they are for the tens of thousands of students that move there each year. This is what my spread would be about, mirroring that feeling for the youthful and opportunistic. Also, shoutout to Russian constructivism.





I like the idea of just having an illustration on one side and text on the other.



Magazine Layout #4

Color Palettes:

With each color palette, I’m seeking to convey the image of Montreal as the hip, eccentric city that lures teens into its overpriced bars where they can get hit on by some Quebecois dude that reeks of cheap bear and cigs. #esticallisse #molson

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.19.12 AM.pngNothing says hip like nostalgia inducing colors.


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.28.19 AM.pngPrimary colors are always in.


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.30.46 AM.pngLet’s give the illusion that Montreal isn’t a frigid place 90% of the time.



Magazine Story Layout #2

I lived in Montreal for 2 years for college. Having been raised in the conservative suburbs of New York, Montreal exposed me to a wonderfully liberal and dynamic lifestyle. In this project, I’d like to pay homage to those two years in the city, looking back at the clubs, the bars, the restaurants, the attractions and the public art that brings an influx of tourists and students each year.

Visual elements that would inspire me are the metro map, Mont Royal, la rue St. Catherine, la vielle ville etc..


Montreal Metro Map

Magazine Story Layout #1

I chose the city magazine theme for this project. My magazine thread will feature city / night life that caters to the new college students of Montreal. Montreal is a very fun and eclectic city that is home to hundreds of thousands of college students, and considering Quebec’s relaxed drinking age, the city has become a symbol of freedom to its international students.

My layout will be informative while also representing the liberal spirit of Montreal.


Montreal at night